After-sale Service Warranty

The after-sale service is an important part of our marketing and sales work. The quality of service provided will not only influence the company credit, but also closely relate to the safely running of the equipment. In order to maintain the good reputation of BOYU, we will strictly observe relevant national regulations about Product-Quality Law and provide high quality products with the principle of hospitable reception, enthusiastic service, quick response and prompt resolution. We will conscientiously implement the after-sale service work in full-scale, and make commitment to our clients as follows:

Training courses (2)

Training Courses

Get the best performance from Hanyu machines

Boyu is not a "simple manufacturer" - Hanyu is Your best partner! Our Professional Group can offer their expertise by holding technical courses to all customers maximum one month time, and provide accommodation. From Operation to maintenance, Hanyu technical training courses are also customized according to different levels of knowledge and to what kind of aim a customer would attain.

Customer Support

Customer is our first priority

Our contact person will do the best to deal with the problems our customers encountered, in order to ensure our customers' satisfaction and without any commitment from your side. An introduction course has been planned for all the customers that buy Hanyu machines, we provide free technical support by means of phone or mail. Also our customers can download operation and maintenance videos from our website.

We will provide some easily damaged parts of the equipment to ensure the normal operation.

If any quality problems such as design, manufacture, function or procedure occur within the guarantee period, Hanyu shall take full responsibility and bear all the economic losses incurred.

If any other quality problems occurs within the guarantee period, Hanyu shall provide online video service after receive the buyer’s notice in 24 hrs.

If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Hanyu will also provide online video service after receive the buyer’s notice in 48 hrs.

Hanyu will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance, and guarantee 7days courier door by door.