Galvanized Steel Line Cable Clamp Three Bolt Guy Clamp

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Guy clamp is a type of suspension clamp for overhead power line and communication line, it can be used in loop type guy dead-ends. Guy clamp is also called guy wire clamp, parallel groove clamp or straight cable suspension clamp.

  • Model: P-*G0103-H1
  • No.of Bolt: 3
  • Clamp Dimension: 100*44*9.1mm
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    Three Bolt Guy clamp, also called 3 bolt suspension clamp, rolled from carbon steel with straight parallel grooves that will not damage the strand.

    3 Bolt Guy Clamp is mainly used on communication line, together with the stay wire and anchor rod to make the pole stable. When the stay wire goes across the anchor rod, the 3 bolt clamp bites the end of the stay wire to prevent the stay wire from creeping down. The grooves of the guy clamp clad the stay wire, and the bolt will fasten two pieces of guy clamp clamping the stay wire.

    In another installation way, the 3 bolt guy clamp is replaced by the wire rope clip or guy grip. Some types of guy clamps have curved ends, protecting the wire from damage.

    The guy clamp consist of two plates with three bolts equipped with nuts. The clamping bolts have special shoulders to prevent turning when the nuts are tightened.


    Guy clamp is a type of suspension clamp for overhead power line and communication line, it can be used in loop type guy dead-ends. Guy clamp is also called guy wire clamp, parallel groove clamp or straight cable suspension clamp.

    According to the number of clamping bolts used on the clamp, there are 1 bolt guy clamps, 2 bolt guy clamps and 3 bolt guy clamps. Guy clamps are designed and manufactured for optimum performance levels.

    In terms of the design and the structural appearance, these guy clamps are straight and have parallel grooves. This design ensures that the guy strands are not damaged during the installation process. The design also ensures that the guy clamps have the maximum holding strength.

    Guy clamps come in different sizes. The size is determined by the length, width, and diameter of the groove. This means that some guy clamps are longer or wider than others. At the same time, the groove of some guy clamps can support wider strands than others.

    The plate halves of the guy clamp are aligned evenly hence easing the installation process. You will not make any mistake when it comes to installing the strands through the guy clamp.

    If you would like to get more information about this overhead line fitting, including the guy clamp price, just contact us. We will give you all the technical information that you need to know about the guy clamp.


    l Used to secure figure 8 cable to telephone poles.

    l Each Suspension Clamp is comprised of two aluminum plates, two 1/2″ carriage bolts, and two square nuts.

    l The plates are extruded and stamped from 6063-T6 Aluminum.

    l Center hole accommodates 5/8″ bolts.

    l Figure 8 Three-Bolt Suspension Clamps are 6″ long.

    l Carriage bolt and nuts are formed from Grade 2 Steel.

    l Carriage bolts and square nuts are hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification A153.

    l A nut and square washer is used between the clamp and pole to provide proper spacing.


    Material: Constructed of high quality steel, hot-dip galvanized. Guy clamps are rolled from premium quality carbon steel. So far, this is one of the best materials for making guy clamps and other power line fittings. The steel material is strong enough and has a high tensile strength to sustain mechanical forces.


    Guy Clamp Manufacturing Process:

    Our Guy Clamp manufacturing process consists of the following stages:

    Firstly, hot rolling, where the blank gets cut, heated and rolled till it becomes of the needed size and form.

    And then pressing hole on the carbon steel.

    The final process is doing hot dip galvanizing.


    Surface treatment:

    The strength of the steel guy clamp is boosted through a hot-dip galvanization process. Since this pole line fitting is exposed to various elements of nature such as rain, high temperature, humidity, and chemicals, it needs ultimate protection. The galvanization process creates a coating that shields the steel material from all these elements.



    There are many factors that influence the strength of a loop type dead-end formed by a guy clamp. Such as guy clamp materials, guy strand type, the number of bolts,  and clamp bolt torque.


    In order to achieve sufficient holding strength, the guy clamps and fittings should be used on the proper size strand shown in the following table.




    Stock No. No.of Bolt Bolt Diameter Clamp Dimension Approximate Ship Weight Standard
    Length Width Thickness
    Inch mm kg./100 pcs Pkg.Qty./Carton
    Heavy Duty-Drop Forged
    P-*G0101-H1 1 1/2 42 44 9.1 30.50 50
    P-*G0101-H2 1 5/8 50 44 9.1 35.00 50
    P-*G0102-H1 2 1/2 62 44 9.1 60.00 50
    P-*G0102-H2 2 5/8 70 44 9.1 64.50 50
    P-*G0103-H1 3 1/2 100 44 9.1 103.50 40
    P-*G0103-H2 3 5/8 152 44 9.1 122.00 30
    Light Duty-Press Forged
    P-G0101-L1 1 1/2 42 44 8.3 24.40 50
    P-G0101-L2 1 5/8 50 44 8.3 28.50 50
    P-G0102-L1 2 1/2 62 44 8.3 48.40 50
    P-G0102-L2 2 5/8 70 44 8.3 52.00 50
    P-G0103-L1 3 1/2 100 44 8.3 83.00 40
    P-G0103-L2 3 5/8 152 44 8.3 97.50 30

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