Application of anti-torsion wire rope

Anti-torsion steel wire rope is a special textile type steel wire rope made of high strength hot dip galvanized high quality aviation steel wire through special processing. Because its cross-section is square or hexagonal, it does not twist when stressed, also known as square type non-rotating wire rope. Compared with ordinary round strand wire rope, anti-torsion wire rope has the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, no gold hook, not easy to knot and long service life. Anti-torsion wire rope is suitable for tension pay-off construction of power lines, balancing tail rope used in shaft lifting equipment, mines, docks and other places that require the wire rope not to rotate when lifting with high lift. The softness of the anti-torsion wire rope is good, no knot, no winding, no breaking, no gold hook after lifting the tension.

 Anti-torsion wire rope is widely used in the following fields:

 1. Construction industry: used for hoisting and suspension of construction lifting equipment, such as tower cranes, cranes, etc.

 2. Ports and ships: used for loading and unloading containers, cargo, and the towing and anchoring of ships.

 3. Mining and mining industry: used for large excavators, loaders, ore conveyors and other equipment traction and suspension.

 4. Oil and gas industry: used for traction and suspension of oil drilling, pumping units, natural gas transmission pipelines and other equipment.

 5. Transportation field: Used for traction and suspension of train traction, ropeway transportation, cable car and other transportation equipment.

 6. Aerial work field: used for hanging and protecting the safety of workers, such as window cleaners, exterior wall maintenance, etc.

 7. Power industry: used for tension regulation of transmission lines and support and fixing of insulation devices.

 8. Metallurgical industry: used for steel, iron and other metallurgical equipment traction and suspension.

 In addition to the above areas, anti-torsion wire rope can also be applied to a variety of special environments, such as aerospace, military, petrochemical and other industries. In short, anti-torsion wire rope plays an important role in the occasions where large loads, high strength, wear resistance and vibration resistance are required.

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Post time: Sep-12-2023